Alexandrita Leather Premium

Alexandrita Leather Premium is an extraordinary green quartzite slab celebrated for its vibrant appearance and unique veining. This striking slab features a rich green background that serves as a stunning canvas for the intricate white and red veins that weave across its surface. The harmonious blend of these colors creates a dynamic and luxurious aesthetic, making Alexandrita Leather Premium an exceptional choice for a variety of interior applications. The bold and captivating white and red veins of Alexandrita Leather Premium add depth and character to the slab, offering a striking contrast that enhances its overall elegance. The leather finish of

Black Mamba Leather

Black Mamba Leather is an exquisite black granite slab renowned for its dramatic appearance and distinctive leather finish, accentuated by crisp white veins. This natural stone features a deep black background that serves as an elegant and bold canvas for the striking white veins that traverse its surface. The unique leather finish adds a tactile dimension to the slab, providing a textured and sophisticated feel that sets it apart from other finishes. The stark contrast between the black and white, combined with the leather finish, creates a visually captivating and luxurious aesthetic, making Black Mamba Leather an ideal choice for


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