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How to Care for Your Marble Countertops: Tips and Tricks To Do The Wonders!

Marble has never failed to leave behind an impression on its audience. With its exquisite looks and shiny texture, marble is definitely the first choice when people are seeking perfect stone for countertops. But the question is, how to care for these marble countertops to make them retain their good looks for a long time to come. After all, marble countertops demand a huge amount of investment, and you cannot let them ruin due to lack of proper care. Well, let us walk through some of the imperative yet effective tips and tricks to care for your marble countertops.


Daily Care Matters


Daily care matters a lot when you are dealing with marble countertops. Spillage of food materials, such as citrus fruits, beverages, etc can cause ample damage to your marble. Make sure to clean off any kind of spills. Also, it is advisable to put down a protective sheet, made up of plastic or silicone, when you are working on your countertop. Marble can very well bear hot utensils, but it is imperative to protect the stone with a trivet. Always make sure to use coasters and placemats when you are serving on your countertop. Make it a routine to clean the countertop before you move on to any other task.


Sealing Helps


One major thing that you can do to safeguard your marble is to seal it properly. Even if the marble countertop comes sealed, you can re-apply the sealant, almost every six months or during a year. You can take help of a professional to choose the perfect sealant for the purpose. However, you need to remember that this sealing will help to repel any kind of staining but will not make it spill-proof. Thus, you need to take care of the spills if any.


Effective Removal of Stains


If under any situation, you get stains on your marble countertop, you will need a strong cleaning agent. Just water and soap will not work properly. If you are looking at coffee or juice stains, you can make use of a wet towel covered in bleach to clean the stains. Keep the towel on the stain for about 24 hours. For removing oil stains, you can mix together acetone and baking soda to form a thick paste and then place it over the stain. Let it rest there for 24 hours. After the marble stains get removed, re-apply the sealant as the acids present in the cleaning agents can damage the sealant as well. 

Proper Cleaning


Make a proper cleaning routine, such as a microfiber cloth to clean the marble countertop. For a wet cleaning procedure, make use of a pH-neutral cleaner and a damp cloth. You can also make use of a mild soap for cleaning as well. You can also ask your manufacturer for cleaning recommendations. However, do not make use of regular cleaning products that can leave behind a rough feeling on your stone’s surface. 


Final Words

Though maintenance of a marble countertop may sound difficult, it is not so. However, you need to be cautious about keeping the countertop clean and maintaining its shining texture intact. While following the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can surely keep your marble countertop safe and sound from any kind of damage.

Happy cleaning!


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